~ How I Read

In order to get through over 5,000 books I need to be reading all the time. So, here are just a few examples of how the words get before my eyes:

  • I always read at least two books at a time, sometimes four or five. Many people ask how I do it. I tell them it’s the same as watching more than one tv show.
  • I read first thing in the morning as a way to wake up, 15-20 minutes max. Always fiction. On weekends I spend a solid 90-120 minutes reading in bed. It’s gotten to the point where my husband automatically brings me coffee and the cat joins me under the covers.
  • I read on my lunch break 30-45 minutes max.
  • I read while waiting for anything: while listening to hold music, waiting for a meeting to start, a dentist’s appointment, the next teller, the doctor to be “right back.” I always have a book in my bag.
  • I read while my husband plays video games (45- 120 minutes at a time) or watches sports (over three hours at a time, at least- think baseball)… Unless the Patriots are in the Super Bowl. Or the Red Sox are in the World Series. Or the Bruins are playing for the Stanley Cup. Or the Celtics…you get the point. I watch those games.
  • I read while my husband drives me places on the weekend and to vacation destinations (Maine is a solid three hours away…)
  • I read when I travel solo if someone else is driving the boat, plane, car, train, or bus.
  • While on vacation I set aside at least one day as a do-nothing-but-read day
  • I read last thing at night right before bed as a way to get sleepy 15-20 minutes max. Always nonfiction.

There it is. Some of the ways I read. There are more but I’ll leave that up to the imagination.

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