Sister Thoughts

DMB once said something about having a lid: “I have no lid upon my head, but I I did you could look inside and see what’s on my mind…” or something like that. If you were to look inside my head you would see two conflicting thoughts, duking it out for control in my skull. They circle each other, growing stronger, weaker, and battling back again.
Thought Number 1 is all about a You that I refuse to relent to. Some people don’t have access to this blog because, I’ll be honest, I’m a coward when it comes to confrontation. I would rather blather about You, my words being the spit in your face that I could never dare fling in real life, than try to work it out with you. It’s too far gone for reconciliation. Really. Keeping mentioning how you miss my blog. Go ahead. You don’t miss it, you miss the ability to think you know me. “Do you love me or the thought or me? Me, or the thought of me?” (yes, more John Mayer). But, back to the confrontation: I don’t hold much favor for MyUglySpace, so I wouldn’t take it personally if someone deleted me as a “friend”… BUT, when you delete someone strictly to retaliate, that’s childish. Did you really think your “friend” was going to sulk a corner, crying because your “profile” was no longer on the space? How much hurt were you trying to deliver? Whatever. Delete away, my friend. You still can’t read my blog.

Thought #2 is all about being proud of a different you, an honest you. I have watched this you grow and change and grow again. I’ve been aware of your life from further away than I would ever like, but I’ve been a huge fan. I’ve been a cheerleader for all your accomplishments…all your life. Yes, we have created different circles. I don’t feel left out of yours. Not in the least. I was born into your circle, just as you were born into mine. I can say it openly and honestly, I am proud of you.

Now – go kick that other you’s ass, will you?

4 thoughts on “Sister Thoughts”

  1. i’m glad you feel more comfortable in this space.
    i will think of our myspace days fondly. and i’ll keep you in my top 8 until you delete your profile 🙂

  2. awww…I still like talking to people “over there”…I just don’t like how some people use it as a way to get back at people (a passive aggressive weapon?)

  3. that lyric always confused me for years.
    if you put a lid on something, than that something isn’t open, and you can’t see what’s inside.
    unless it’s a clear lid.
    and that would be gross.

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