Before the Beginning

Morning Harbor

This is the time of morning I wait for. The air is still. The harbor rolls gently, causing the moored boats to nod to one another solemnly. One or two people wander by quietly. Somewhere, a truck starts up and birds mutter to themselves. There is quiet activity, a gentle buzz. The island is alive but at the same time it feels as though everything is barely stirring. Muted almost as though under water.
When I was a kid, no more than five or six, I used to sit on the top step leading up to our apartment. I would listen for the early morning coo of the mourning doves, watch the early bird birders with binoculars slung around their necks. The light was magical at that time of day. I remember waiting for something. Even now I couldn’t tell you what.

My husband can sit in front “Sunrise Earth” all day. Have you seen it? I don’t know who thought up this programming, but more importantly I’d like to meet the person he or she sold the idea to. It has got to be one patient person. I can just imagine the sales pitch: “I’ve got this great idea for a television show! Cameras record the sunrise…in real time. No soundtrack, no narration. Just the sun rising from different angles. We’ll capture bugs stirring, birds chirping…maybe the sound of water if it’s in the shot.”
Really, that’s all the show is about. Watching the sun rise. A bug may land on a twig for a few minutes. A bird might buzz a camera. A nearby brook may be gurgling away. That’s about it. For some (many?) it’s the equivalent of watching paint dry.

Me, I would like to see an episode filmed from my tippy top stair. Bring me back to the beginning – before the beginning of another busy day.

4 Comments on “Before the Beginning”

  1. timeforme says:

    *ahhhhhhhh* great visual.
    Having a crap day and this was just what I needed to see and visualize. I can almost smell the salt in the air. May have to read an Anne Rivers Siddons now. Oh and I have seen that Sunrise Earth thing. Wonderful. Also great photo here.
    *Deep breath* ahhhhhhhhhh

  2. gr4c5 says:

    Thanks! This was the view from the cottage we rented. Definitely pick up the ARS book. She has a great way of describing southern life!
    It’s funny, but Sunrise Earth actually taped an episode in the same harbor where kisa and I catch the boat to go to Monhegan. It was funny to recognize the place. Sunrise Earth is a verrrry peaceful show.

  3. becelisa says:

    this makes me want to go to the island. i think it’s top of my list of places i’d like to run. i’ve got to find a way to get me and sab up there again soon. i’d love her to have some of the same childhood experiences there that i did. minus doug and fred and the chaos that ensued of course. lol. miss you lots. xoxo

  4. gr4c5 says:

    When I strated running on the island I got a few stares from the locals. I expected as much because I don’t come across as athletic…sigh. But! One of my all time favorite runs is Dead Man’s Cove…practically right by your doorstep. Cathedral Woods is amazing (as always), too. I’m sure sab would have a great time out there! xoxo

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