Sunday Ticket

True to my word, these are my waking thoughts.
I have decided to give myself a Sunday ticket. I’m done house hunting. I’m done house talking. I’m done house pushing. This open mind for houses is now closed. My ticket to Sunday is the freedom to do whatever I want.
It’s not that I don’t appreciate the effort we put into looking, because I do. I learned a lot. We spent a solid month opening cabinets, trudging down into dark basements, standing in backyards, peering out windows, talking the talk, walking the walk. Kicking the tires on a place called home. It was a learning experience, for sure. In every place I imagined trying to live there, trying to be happy there – asking myself what would it take? With 80% of them it was an impossible feat. It was all we could do to keep from running away. Laughing all the while, but running just the same. But, but. But! With three – only three – houses I found myself. I could see Bruno in the rocking chair. Zeke on the sun porch. Turtles lining the window sills. Cookbooks around the counters. House #1 had a foundation problem not worth looking into. House #2 had a driveway problem impossible to look into. House #3 had a price problem too tiring to look into.
So. All this looking has been fun. But, I want my Sundays back.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Ticket”

  1. House hunting can sometimes be a real downer. There was a time in our quest where I started to feel like all we could afford was a house with an odd odor, a bad location, or in need of a lot of TLC. (and I’ve told you the story about the house with the one-eyed cat and a pet pig).

    I hear where you are coming from kid!

  2. lol ruby! i want to hear the one-eyed cat and pet pig story. i can only imagine!

    house hunting is a HUGE process. especially when you already have a home. take a break and enjoy your sundays be it with a good book, long runs on that awesome route you took me on or mornings of sheer laziness with kisa.

  3. That definitely should be a blog! I know I would reread it everytime I need a good laugh. It’s a good one!

    bec~ I plan on doing just that…meaning anything but look at someone else’s house!

  4. thanks πŸ™‚

    okay. Just a general comment, but how in the world are those “possibly related posts” generated exactly? Ummm…especially the third one down??? Huh?

  5. Suzanne has the same breasts as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    House hunting is a draining experience. Just give it a rest like you said and start up again when you feel like it. That one with the price problem – you should see if it’s still on the market after it snows – get an idea of any winterizing issues. Plus the price may have come down!

  6. You know, I was wondering the very same thing about the related posts. I thought maybe I clicked another blog by mistake??? 8)
    House hunting, buying, moving and all related to it is just more fun than should be allowed!!!
    Here’s to you and taking time off… enjoy. You will know when the time is right.
    Oh and I too would love to hear about the one-eyed cat and the pet pig! Thank you Ruby for a much needed laugh!

  7. Aimless ~ the only thing I can say is “umm…okay” to the Suzanne comment.
    you are right about the house. There’s more to it but I really can’t get into it…I’m sure there will be a blog at some point.

    Time~ Another blog? Hmmm…not sure. Thanks for the advice, too.

    Ruby~ I think you really need to write that pig story!

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