Lending and Learning

This weekend was a chance to help. Myself. Saturday was all about carving a pumpkin to make me happy. Sunday was walking 5 miles for Baystate’s Rays of Hope Breast Cancer Charity Walk then having good girl time (as opposed to bad?)…

I am making a vow to walk the Rays of Hope every year. I may not walk as part of a team again (too much pressure to want to stay together), but I will definitely make this an annual thing. I will never, ever call attention to myself for the hurts I have faced but I am proud of the healing just the same. This walk was just what I needed. Maybe a certain someone will want to join me next year (what do you say, Smiley?)… So, anyway, this is a picture of me waiting for the rest of the team to arrive. I sat on my car and watched the others roll in. I won’t admit to how ridiculously early I really was, but it gave me a chance to watch walkers unite, hug, cry. Out came the pink ribbons, the pink balloons, the pink hats, the pink face paint (yes, yours truly smudged hers within moments of application), pink pink pink. Everywhere. I own so much black I actually had to go out and buy the pink shirt in the pic!

This was a day of coming together for the cause. Coming together period. I didn’t think of anything me, myself or moi. I wore no name except for that of my Team. I was not one person but an army of ones walking. I think that’s what knocked me silly on this Sunday. Running, you run for yourself. You lose the crowd. Everyone spreads out and becomes their own warrior. Walking binds you to the footsteps in front of you. Makes you move as a group. We were pretty in pink, proud in pink, perfect in pink.

S~ Thanks for hanging out later. While we didn’t talk about this walk all that much, it was nice to have that gabby, girly time. After the day I just had, it was perfect.

6 Comments on “Lending and Learning”

  1. sarah says:

    i am IN for next year! and we can plan a walk together for May too?

  2. becelisa says:

    hey, can you over night me those pants? i’m gonna be under dressed come friday. i need all the pink i can get. xoxo

  3. gr4c5 says:

    Sarah~ yes, if it’s the same May walk u mentioned! Definitely yes!

    Bec ~ if u didn’t have such fukcing long legs I would send them in a heartbeat! Check out Reebok. 🙂 xoxox

  4. becelisa says:

    lol. yeah, they might end up as capris on me huh. i’m hitting sports authority today. and i’m raiding sab’s dress up clothes which includes a really cool pink boa and some other goodies.

  5. aimless22 says:

    The walk felt good. Felt good to do something for you and for others. I would like to walk again. I also am sorry I missed the night gathering. S – I missed your smiling face! Exhaustion hit not long after getting home. The pink hairspray didn’t get washed out til 8pm!

  6. sarah says:

    missed u too amy…next time

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