December ’10 is…

December is all about ME this time around. I am going to be taking care of my health, my family, my friends, my marriage, my house,  my education, my employment…in other words, my life! My well-being is up to me, myself and moi starting in the month of December. Why December? Why not!

For books it is:

  • Crazy in Alabama by Mark Childress ~ in honor of Alabama becoming a state
  • Made in America: an informal history of the english language by Bill Bryson ~ in honor of Bryson’s birth month
  • Best nightmare on Earth by Herbert Gold ~ in honor of December being one of the best times to visit the Caribbean.
  • Apology by Plato ~ in honor of the first Chief Justice (John Jay) of the United States. John Jay was born in December 1745.

For ME it is:

  • Running
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Cats
  • Marriage
  • House
  • Health
  • Cooking
  • much, much more!

**Edited to add: I just received word that I also have a LibraryThing Early Review selection! It’s called My Nine Lives by Leon Fleisher. It’s his memoir about his music career and dealing with focal dystonia. I’m really excited. This will be my 46th book for the Early Review program. While I am really, really honored I also feel a little guilty for being “chosen” so many times. But, here’s the thing – when people ask me why I request books (if I feel so guilty) I tell them it’s the only way I can read something NOT on the Book Lust Challenge list!

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