Off Course, Of Course

My system of choosing books for the Book Lust Challenge couldn’t be without a snag here or there. Well…having said that, I found my first tangle in five years.
In July we are switching library systems and like the switching of anything there will be a down-time, an adjustment period. You know how it is. Change = Dead in the water. In my case it means a complete halt of requesting books from public libraries from my armchair/laptop vantage point. From June to sometime in October all borrowing as I know it will stop. In order to keep the system going I will need to, (heaven forbid), actually get a public library card. I haven’t had one of those babies (aside from Monhegan) in at least 12 years. Oh the horror!
I’ll admit it. I’m spoiled. I like having my books plopped on my desk, right where I work. No visit to a public library necessary.

So. The solution? Borrow from my own academic library and finally, finally read the books I have collected at home. I think I have over a year’s worth of books just waiting for the right time to be read. That time is now. This should be interesting.

My plan of attack is to first compile a list of all the books I have at the ready to pull off the shelves and just read.
Second step is to determine when the aforementioned books were originally scheduled to be read. An example: I have the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin on a shelf at home. Off the top of my head I know Ben was born in January. So, I probably had planned to read this in the month of January some year from now…. I’m guessing because I usually go by birth month before anything else. But now the question is can I find another reason to read about Ben Franklin between June and November? Probably. What month did he fly his kite? What month did he move to Philadelphia? When did he become a Junto? When did he marry? When did he die? In other words, how else can I honor him?

Rest assured. June 2011 is covered. I am reading …And Ladies of the Club by Helen Hooven Santmyer. Why only one book planned for 30 days of June? Well, for starters it is over 1,400 pages long (spanning 60 years it should!). And for another it looks a bit dull! This should take some time. *sigh* So. June 2011 is …And Ladies of the Club by Helen Hooven Santmyer in honor of June being “Small Town Month” and this epic takes place in a small town…supposedly.

2 Comments on “Off Course, Of Course”

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