Star Beast

Heinlein, Robert. The Star Beast. Read by David Baker.  Full Cast Audio, 2007.

One could call The Star Beast a run of the mill story about a boy and his pet. Think Lassie and you have the classic relationship I’m referring to. If you don’t delve into the details John Thomas Stuart XI is an average teen with a typical attachment to the family pet. However, give the story a science fiction spin and all bets are off. Instead of an obedient and almost too intelligent collie this pet defies logic. Lummox or Lummy, as John calls him, is a 100 year old extraterrestrial (was once his grandfather’s pet), has eight legs, a sentry eye that stays awake when the beast sleeps, has a high pitched girly voice and he triples in size when he eats metal. And he’s always hungry. The trouble starts when Lummy goes wandering in the night and ends up eating some roses and destroying public property. John and Lummy are put on trial and Lummy is sentenced to death…only the authorities aren’t exactly sure how to kill him. Throw in a wannabe lawyer girlfriend and another planet that is convinced Lummy belongs to them and you have a story that appeals to kids and adults alike.

Reason read: Heinlein was born in July…reading Star Beast to honor the day.

Book Audio trivia: This is the first audio I have heard where many different people read each part.

Author fact: Robert Heinlein wrote under several different pen names although Robert Heinlein was his real name.

BookLust Twist: from Book Lust in two different sections. First, the introduction (p x) and then again in the chapter called “Robert Heinlein: Too Good To Miss” (p 109).

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