True Crime

True Crime: Real-Life Stories of Abduction, Addiction, Obsession, Murder, Grave-Robbing and More. Lee Gutkind, ed. Pittsburgh: InFact Books, 2013.

I think one would think I was sick to request a book about true crime. Why would anyone want to read about murder, rape, abuse, and all the other terrible things we as humans do to one another? My sister grew up fascinated by FBI profilers and real life crime. Maybe some of that fascination rubbed off on me even though I am the older sister. Come to think of it, lots of people share my fascination with true crime. It’s the reason why there are a multitude of crime shows, both real and fiction, to chose from every night.

True confession: I had to take my time reading True Crime. The violence was best in small doses. Of the thirteen stories Gabrielle Giffords stayed with me the longest because it was the play by play of the victims were doing before the shooting. Like a slow motion camera detailing the day to day-ness of their ordinary lives. All of the stories stuck with me in little ways. I think they represented the senselessness of our society.
Lee Gutkind has compiled a collection of true crime stories. Interestingly enough, there are thirteen stories. Thirteen being a supposedly unlucky number is a good parallel for the unlucky victims in each story. Gutkind claims his brush with crime made him question his own capabilities. Could he commit murder? In the end we as readers don’t really know the answer, but does Gutkind?

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