Ariadne Objective

Davis, Wes. The Ariadne Objective: the Underground War to Rescue Crete From the Nazis. New York: Crown, 2013

I used to shy away from stories (fact or fiction) about World War II simply because I didn’t want to give myself nightmares about the Nazis. Their methods of cruelty are legendary and are beyond comprehension. I am easily horrified by their torturous ways. Having said all that, I am glad I requested The Ariadne Objective. I am facing my fears head on and find that I am able to sleep at night. This particular book doesn’t delve into the violence.
The Ariadne Objective was a plot to infiltrate the island of Crete while it was under German occupation. Four unlikely soldiers are chosen as spies, as saboteurs, and ultimately as abductors, in an effort to thwart the Nazis and their maneuvers in Greece. Each intelligence officer brought a different specialty to the group. Patrick Leigh Fermor was a wanderer who loved to travel, John Pendlebury was an archaeologist, Xan Fielding and Sandy Rendel were both writers. What they all had in common was a knowledge of all things Greek. what follows is a true-to-life adventure story that will fascinate readers of all types and not just the history buffs.

Reason read: This was an early review for LibraryThing.

Author fact: Davis holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from Princeton and is the editor of Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry.

Book trivia: Because this copy was an uncorrected proof it didn’t include the maps and eighteen pages of pictures.

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