Georges’ Wife

Jolly, Elizabeth. The Vera Wright Trilogy: the Georges’ Wife. New York: Persea Books, 2010.

This is the last book in the Vera Wright trilogy. Vera has had a second daughter, Rachel, and this time the father is Mr. George, a professor. Once again, Vera has to keep the identity of the baby’s father a secret because their relationship is clandestine. Although, it is not with a married man this time. Vera has gotten herself romantically entangled with someone she is keeping house for. His spinster sister would not approve of their relationship (although there are times when Vera is convinced the sister already knows). As with the other Vera Wright books, Miss Wright is lonely and alone. Sad line: “To be his and not just on the edge of him and not just now and then” (p 418) suggests that she would like to have an open and honest relationship with Rachel’s father. She goes on to say, “I am accustomed to the idea of being alone, but her words cause an extra emptiness, that of being removed from belonging to a family” (p 426). How sad is that? As with the other Wright books in the series, The Georges’ Wife jumps around. In one chapter Vera’s children are small enough to show off to Miss Georges’s guests and the next they have grown up to both become surgeons. Spoiler alert: all Vera’ life she has been an outsider and incredibly lonely. Even at the very end of the trilogy she has not found true companionship. Mr. George, suffering from Alzheimer’s, doesn’t recognize the word ‘couple’ to describe his relationship with Vera.

Reason read: This is the last book in the Vera Wright Trilogy that I started in honor of Jolley.

Author fact: Jolley died in 2007. The Vera Wright Trilogy is considered autobiographical in nature.

Book trivia: Georges’ Wife is the last book of the Vera Wright trilogy. I said that already. The other piece of trivia is that The Georges’ Wife was only published in Australia. I was able to find it in a three-in-one volume.

BookLust Twist: from Book Lust To Go in the chapter called “Australia, Land of Oz: fiction” (p 30). Again, the only reason for Jolley to be included in this chapter is her notoriety as an author after moving to Australia. There is nothing about Australia in the first two books of the trilogy. At the very end of Thew Georges’ Wife Vera and Mr. George move to Australia.

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