By a Spider’s Thread

Lippman, Laura. By a Spider’s Thread. Read by Barbara Rosenblat. New York: Recorded Books, 2004

Private detective Tess Monaghan is back. To bring you up to speed, this time she is a gun-toting, more experienced mystery solver. She has an online network of lady private investigators to help her solve cases, too. Tess still rows (although not as much as in the beginning), her aunt is finally settling down and getting married (Tess is maid of honor), but Tess and her cool boyfriend, Crow, are taking a break (sadly) after finding out they have differing opinions about marriage. In By a Spider’s Thread this time Tess has been contacted by a rich Jewish furrier, desperate to find his missing wife and children. What Tess and her new client, Mark Rubin, don’t know is that wife Natalie willingly took their three children and ran away, joining her criminal lover on the run. This time Lippman gives the reader both sides of the story – Mark’s desperate search and Natalie’s ever-increasingly criminal escape (and boy, does it get criminal). The bigger mystery is why Natalie would want to run away from a man who has given her everything she has ever wanted. As a successful furrier, Mark Rubin has always kept his wife in the lap of luxury. True to Lippman form, as always, things are not as they seem.

Reason read: This finishes the series I started in September in honor of a Baltimore Book festival.

Author fact: Laura Lippman has a FaceBook page and I “liked” it.

Book trivia: This is the last Tess mystery I will read even though there are more in the series.

BookLust Twist: from More Book Lust in the chapter called “Ms. Mystery” (p 171).

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