Beth Shaw’s Yoga Fit

Shaw, Beth. Beth Shaw’s Yoga Fit, 3rd Edition. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2016.

Reason read: Early Review Program for LibraryThing.

Why I Requested the Book: I honestly believe yoga saved my sanity in a very roundabout way. Here’s the quick and dirty: I love to run but was told numerous times my body mechanics are such that it is advisable I don’t run. In fact, I should take up swimming instead. Me, being stubborn (or stupid) decided to ignore this advice after I discovered the benefits of yoga. Practicing yoga moves specific to running (knees, hips, lower back) allowed me to realign my incredibly out of whack frame after each run. Me + running = peace of mind. Voila!

I have to start off with a disclaimer: I haven’t actually used Beth Shaw’s Yoga Fit in my regular practice yet. I’m still enamored with Christine Felstead’s yoga book. But, having said that – Beth Shaw’s Yoga Fit is a gorgeous book, visually. The good news: the full color photographs clearly illustrate each move and the narrative is easy to follow. I especially liked the tips around each photograph and the modifications for each pose. As an aside, the inclusion of men in the photographs is also really smart. My favorite section was the workout section. The inclusion of two photographs per move and illustrating alternate moves is great.

Now, for the bad news: I was disappointed by the use of proprietary props and wished Shaw had offered alternatives to buying her YogaFit egg blocks, mats or straps. People should know that small blankets, pillows and/or towels can be used as safe and inexpensive alternatives.
The other small disappointment I had was with the book was determining level of expertise with each pose. For example, the Elephant Pose and Eight Angle Pose seem really difficult and should have more stages in preparation for the final poses. Chair Pose has concise practice tips and it is an easier pose to accomplish.

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