Blue Light

Mosley, Walter. Blue Light. New York: Warner Books, 1998.

Reason read: Mosley was born in January. I am reading this stand-alone in his honor.

Be forewarned: the first 15 pages of Blue Light are intense. Mosley is merely setting the scene and gathering characters for the center of the plot, but he does it with the finesse of swinging a two by four and guess what, reader? You’re the one getting hit. People start dying in droves and Mosley doesn’t hold anything in the way of sex or violence back. It’s a hell of a way to start a story. But, wait. There’s more. As the story progresses things go from intense to insane. Be prepared for a lot of violence and weird sex. What exactly is the story about? I’m not really sure. It’s San Francisco, California in the mid 1960s. There is the weird blue light and a cult of people who have been affected (infected?) with it. The main character is Chance, a suicidal grad student who becomes a half blue light after he gets half involved with Orde, the cult’s leader, prophet and former scam artist. Things get really strange when Juan Thrombone enters the picture and goes to war with Grey Redstar, also known as the Gray Man, in a forest of redwoods.
Like I said, I don’t know what to make of Blue Light. I read it in four days. Not because I was enthralled with the story (too much violence for my taste), but because the story moved so quickly I barely could keep up. I found myself breathless at the end but still asking myself, “what was that?”

Quotes that either explain the book or not: “Grey Redstar, The Gray Man, the reaper of lost light” (p 194) and “Each sparkle of light entered my mind, humming, a forgotten tune that my heart tried to beat for” (p 262).

Book trivia: this is science fiction…a departure from other Mosley mysteries.

Author fact: Mosley wrote at least eight other books that are on my challenge list.

BookLust Twist: from More Book Lust in the chapter called “Walter Mosley: Too Good To Miss” (p 168).

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