More Book Lust Mistakes

When compared to the original Book Lust, the editors of More Book Lust did a much better job catching errors. Simply put, there are less mistakes all the way around. My lists are much shorter than with Book Lust, but unfortunately I still have lists:

Authors forgotten in the index:

  1. Aristophane
  2. Bharti Kirchner
  3. Lysistrata
  4. Jessica Maxwell
  5. Kenneth Tynan
  6. Eric Schlosser

Books forgotten in the index:

  1. Bingo
  2. Dale Loves Sophie to Death
  3. Gone Fishin’
  4. Histories
  5. Inheritance
  6. Italy: a travelers literary companion (It’s listed as Travelers Literary Companion)
  7. Loose Lips
  8. Man in My Basement
  9. Murder Carries a Torch
  10. Naked Lunch
  11. Thorn Birds
  12. Youngblood
  13. Your Mouth is Lovely

Poetry forgotten in the index:

  1. “Celestial Music”
  2. “Churchgoing”
  3. “Kaddish”

Pagination Errors:

  1. William Burroughs
  2. Color: a Natural History
  3. Edwidge Danticat
  4. Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
  5. Empire Express
  6. Fanny
  7. Ginger Pye
  8. Allen Ginsberg
  9. Grand Complication
  10. Russell Hoban
  11. How All This Started
  12. Jane Eyre
  13. Allen Kurzweil
  14. Mark Salzman
  15. Wuthering Heights


  1. Carfish Cafe should be Catfish Cafe
  2. King of the Mountain has the wrong author credit
  3. They Hand, Great Anarch! should be Thy Hand…
  4. Better off: Pulling the Switch should be Better off: Flipping the Switch (to be fair, I found this odd title in several different libraries. They list the subtitle as “pulling the switch” when the cover reads, “flipping the switch.” As an aside, I don’t know of anyone who pulls a switch. They either pull a plug or flick a switch.
  5. Letters of Kenneth Tynan should be just Letters.

Authors bolded like a book title by mistake:

  1. Michael Allin
  2. Gillian Bradshaw
  3. Anita Brookner
  4. David Halberstam
  5. Christopher Hibbert
  6. James Hynes
  7. Laurie Lee
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