Palladian Days

Gable, Sally and Carl I. Gable. Palladian Days: Finding a New Life in a Venetian Country House. Read by Kathe Mazur. Westminster, MD: Books On Tape, 2005.

How does a person thinking about buying a vacation home in New Hampshire wind up intent on home ownership in Italy? Better yet, how does a Hot-lanta couple decide they need to live in a 16th century villa in the Vento region? We’re talking about a house built in 1552! Sally and Carl Gable’s story of buying Villa Cornaro is fascinating and, by the way Sally tells it, very funny. Palladian Days is a great combination of historical facts about the region, the architect, the owners of the house as well as modern day Italian ways. Everything from fixing the villa to opening it for tours, recitals and concerts is covered. Gable includes Italian recipes, hilarious stories of the many, many visitors, the 15 minutes of fame when Villa Cornaro was featured on a Bob Vila show.
As an aside, I borrowed both the audio version and the print version. I recommend doing both because you will miss out on something if you do only one. Kathe Mazur’s reading of Palladian Days is brilliant. I loved her accent. But, the book version includes great photographs that really bring the entire villa into perspective (it really is massive!). And don’t forget about those recipes!

Reason read: So. There is this food fight festival called the Battle of Oranges that takes place in Italy every February. Something I would love to see one of these days.

Author fact: Both Sally and her husband, Carl, have musical backgrounds.

Book trivia: Even though this was delightful as an audio book, it is better read in print. Gable includes a bunch of recipes in the appendix that are not to be missed!

BookLust Twist: from Book Lust To Go in the odd chapter called “So We/I Bought (Or Built) a House In…” (p 211).