Pearl, Nancy. Booklust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason. Seattle: Sasquatch Books. 2003.

I think I have gone mad. I have decided to read every book mentioned in Booklust. Here’s why: I have the Nancy Pearl action figure. Nancy is a librarian and being a librarian myself it’s almost mandatory I call Nancy my “hero” but, I hadn’t even read the book that made her famous. Never even knew what it looked like (aside from the little plastic version that came with Plastic Nancy and that’s not saying much). The combination of a) deciding to get back to reading fiction, b) finding librarything, and c) needing guidance on what to read (because I’ve missed out on so much) led me to this challenge, this madness.
Booklust is cool. If I actually get through this challenge I will have read books on every subject imaginable: from novels written by Alice anybody (Adams, Dark, Hoffman, McDermott, and of course Walker) to books on Zen Buddhism and everything in between. I will read books about cats, black holes, Ireland, and yes, I’ll even read stuff called “chick lit” (her words, not mine). I am dreading the books specific to things like bombs and primates, though. Thankfully, she has nothing suggested for hippos, centipedes or mayonnaise!

UPDATE: I am nearly finished adding all BookLust recommendations to LibraryThing and guess what I’ve gone & done? Ordered More Book Lust, Nancy’s second book of recommendations. I think I’ve lost it. I’ll be in my coffin, still trying to read. My ghost will sit up and say, “Do you mind not closing the lid? I can’t see the page I’m reading!”

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