June is…

June is:

  • Fishing Month (92 in the Shade by Thomas Mcguane)
  • Barbara Pym’s birth month (An Academic Question)
  • National Family Month (Act of the Damned by Antonio Lobo Antunes)
  • The most common month to get married in (Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler)

If there is time I’ll also reread Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

June is also another LibraryThing Early Review:

  • Tomato Girl by Jayne Pupek

Personally, I ended May on a crappy note so June is ME month. It’s also vacation month! Hello Vegas! Hello San Diego! I’m hoping to see some very special people. June is also house-hunting month (like we haven’t been doing that already!). The farm starts up this month and I started a new blog about the fantastic four which I am really, really excited about, too! Like I said, ME month! 8)

3 thoughts on “June is…”

  1. May so sucked there isn’t even a way to properly say “sucked” to really do it justice!!! So, here is to June, travels, adventures,house hunting and ME month!!! (Well, not me but rather YOU and your ME month)however…*she rambles on, I think I may just have to have a ME month 8) Have a wonderful June! xoxoxo

  2. Time~ if meeting up with you fits in the plans, June will be an even better month! You should have a ME month, too! You NEED it, DESERVE it!

    Amy~ new blog is a daily snapshot of how good I have been to myself…it is all about me this month! 8)

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