July Is…

July is a ton of things. Musically, it is Sean Rowe & Mickey Hart. It’s also the theater. It’s Kisa’s birthday (yay yay yay). It’s a few anniversaries as well (past and present).
For the BookLust Challenge it’s:

  • Bilgewater by Jane Garam (to celebrate Jane’s birth month)
  • Blackwater by Kerstin Ekman (to celebrate the best time to visit Sweden)
  • Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert Heinlein (to celebrate Robert’s birth month)
  • Finding Caruso by Kim Barnes (to celebrate Idaho becomming a state)
  • Friend of My Youth: Stories by Alice Munro (to celebrate Alice’s birth month)

I’m not planning any huge get-aways so I should be able to finish this list…

3 thoughts on “July Is…”

  1. Happy Birthday to Kisa! 🙂
    It is also our 12th wedding anniversary this month ♥ just had to throw that in here 😉

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