For Smiley with thanks!

When it comes to friendship age has no consequence. Color has no connection. Gender shouldn’t be a guiding factor. These are the rules I try to live by when it comes to friends. Simple as that.

Last Friday such a friend came to East Greenbush, N.Y. with me. It was a reckless adventure. No real address. Didn’t know what to expect. No real plan other than to hear great music. We had 90 minutes there and back to talktalktalk and believe me, we did. When we got to the restaurant it looked as though we had found Funky town. Weird mix of bikers, bouncy houses and a bizarre cover band. Definitely not what I bargained for. With a shrug we went inside the restaurant to eat. Clean eating be damned, I was sick of salads and ordered a bad burger and lemonade – unheard of for me. Sometime later I realized we hadn’t seen or heard the music we came for. Confused I sent a text to a friend. A knowledgeable, computer-ready, cool friend who looked up where we were supposed to be…right where we were sitting. How bizarre. Thanks, Bri. Even though you confirmed our confused state, you rock.

In the end we found our music and figured it all out. It was an adventure to remember. We met cool people, heard great music – the music we came for, saw five towns worth of fireworks, and decided “fireworks are a lot like parades…a lot of anticipation with little payoff.” Despite all that, I was glad she was with me for the adventure. Doing this trip alone would have tapped my ability to unhinge my security of self. So, thanks.

ps~ S~ this is the pic that made me think of you…how could I NOT take a pic?!

8 Comments on “For Smiley with thanks!”

  1. sarah says:

    i would hope my boyfriends (ben and jerry) would remind you of me 😛

    two guys who create fabulous ice cream…whats not to love?!

    our adventure was exactly what i needed

  2. timeforme says:

    Now wait a minute Sarah *tap tap tap* they are MY boyfriends!!! We may have to discuss this… 😉 Sounds like another fun adventure! 8)

  3. gr4c5 says:

    LOL! I had no idea! Sarah, I guess ya gotta duke it out! heehee

  4. sarah says:

    time…can we workout a schedule to share the guy? 😛

  5. sarah says:


  6. gr4c5 says:

    actually, I think you were onto something – S, you take a guy & time takes a guy & when you get bored (of the flavor?) you switch! LOL

  7. sarah says:

    sigh…if only i could do that in life 🙂

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