August Is…


August is a day late. Sorry about that!

It is awful to wish the summer away. To look forward to Labor Day…but I can’t help it. The time has (finally) come for me to go home. And I haven’t been there since last October!  August is all about going back to the island. I’m bringing a truckload of books:

  • All is Vanity by Christina Schwartz (in honor of Womens Friendship Month)
  • Boy with Loaded Gun by Lewis Nordan (in honor of Lewis Nordan’s birthday)
  • Far Field by Edie Meidav (August is the best time to visit Sri Lanka, believe it or not)
  • Dog Handling by Clare Naylor (August has a “woman’s day” so I’m reading what Pearl calls “chick lit”)
  • Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester (National Language Month)

It seems traitorish to think that the island’s library won’t have any of these books, but I can’t take the chance by assuming they do…and here’s the funny part- I don’t leave until the latter half of the month. I’m acting as if I won’t read a word before then! I’m actually hoping to have All is Vanity and Boy with Loaded Gun finished and off my list before leaving.

I scored another LibraryThing Early Review:

Blackbird, Farewell by Robert Greer. I am excited about this new book for odd reasons. For starters, I love the title! There is something about blackbirds. I love how they are associated with something dark and ominous. Dangerous. If you ever get the chance, check out Jamie Wyeth’s art. He has some great blackbird paintings. I also love the song ‘Blackbird’ (Jerry Garcia’s version is my favorite). Nearly everyone who has ever made me a mixed tape has put that song on one for me. I don’t know why…Maybe they have insight about my broken wings and the need to fly? Anyway, this book doesn’t have anything to do with blackbirds….funny.

August is also a Police concert (awesome, awesome, awesome by the way – blog coming soon), more trips to see Sean Rowe, Swell Season in my back yard, maybe Rebecca Correia. Should be an interesting month! Speaking of flying, I hope it does!

4 Comments on “August Is…”

  1. Ella Vadem says:

    Read your list of books you’re taking back to the island and I’m curious: which? Trying to figure out how to read your past postings.
    All best,

  2. gr4c5 says:

    Ella~ I’m about ready to move onto Boy with Loaded Gun so it looks like Far Field, Dog Handling & Porfessor will come with me to the island. As for getting back to past posts, good Q! I guess from the home page?

  3. timeforme says:

    We shall wish it away together! Buh bye!
    Yay for Clare Naylor!!!
    And *sigh* Police! You lucky gal you!
    Orbit on the Blackbird, love them and the song… yup, our delicate wings.

  4. gr4c5 says:

    I am sooo looking forward to Clare! I will think of you as I read it, too! As you can see from my blog (Musical Whoring) I didn’t have the best seat for the Police concert, but I had a blast just the same.
    Well, this bird has got to fly (on a treadmill, unfortunately)! 8)

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