Look You in the Eye

So small

I had a funny thoughtquestion yesterday. It came out of someone else acting tougher than need be. When is it okay to say you need? When is it okay to lean on someone else for support even though you know damn well you can do it all by yourself? If my father had his way for my life he wouldn’t have wanted me to need anyone for anything. “Figure it out for yourself” he would have said. Be tough, be strong. Be blahblahblah.
I have this friend. This amazing friend who I sometimes complain to, bitch to, vent to, rant to. She listens with every fiber of her being and then tells me what I already know. I need her in my life to keep me sane. I may think I’m having an insane moment; a very insane moment, but she’ll reel me back in and tell me what’s logical about my lunacy. I don’t need her yet I do.
I have this husband. This wise-azz, smart, sensible husband who I sometimes whine to, cry to. I ask him permission to buy spooky signs, giant pumpkins and haunted villages. I need him in my life to keep my budget grounded. I may think I can afford every ghost, cat, witch and skull that comes along but he’ll reel me back in and tell me what’s illogical about my yearnings. He tells me what I already know. I don’t need him yet I do.
I have this life. This funny, crazy, vulnerable life which I sometimes think isn’t worth bothering with. I see black clouds and glass-half-empties all the time and often I find myself asking what’s the point? It’s then that I realize I need this life just the way it is, just the way it turned out. I can look you in the eye and say it. I need you.

5 Comments on “Look You in the Eye”

  1. Ruth says:

    OK, your post forces me do do this … cue up the cheesy Streisand record …. “… people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world” 🙂 I love ya kid!

  2. gr4c5 says:

    note to self (same note as always – I really should know by now): do NOT drink coffee while reading Ruth’s responses. Snorting will occur & it will not be pleasant!

  3. gr4c5 says:

    ps~ I’m digging the shoes! Wish I still had ’em.

  4. timeforme says:

    Blessings sprinkled and a hug and a this too shall pass! Said by someone who truly knows this… *insert hug emoticon*

  5. becelisa says:

    we both kow i’m not good at needing people but fact is i need you. i need my friends. sometimes more than i ever care to admit it. but i think it takes amazing strength to admit to not being able to do it all alone. i need you. i love you. and i miss you lots! xoxo

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