Who Are You (& what have you done with me)?

For the record:
For the time being I am glad we still live next door to the in-laws. Who knows what he would have done if we didn’t hear his cries for help?
I am not upset about the sirsy mobile being in an accident. Driver is okay, car is not. It’s time I moved on anyway.
I still think the attitude of my coworkers staff bites. Being angry about it “not being your job” just makes me want to say, “Find another one.”
It’s not my fault feelings change. I said I would be there, but not in that way. Not anymore. Get over it. I did.
I still haven’t forgotten which means I still haven’t forgiven. Maybe it’s the lack of forgiveness that won’t let me forget.

As I think these things and feel these things I have to wonder where I went. Hope it was good.

2 Comments on “Who Are You (& what have you done with me)?”

  1. Ruth says:

    car accident?

  2. gr4c5 says:

    Kisa frantically going to replace his xbox360 met up with an over-anxious mall shopper (probably scoping out a JCPenney shoe sale). He’s fine & it was her fault.

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