Unassuming Assumption

This house was unassuming. It gave us the assumption we could take care of it. This house was deceiving and wily. It sat there cunning and let us come in. It let us take in its three season porch, green house, sweet bathrooms, master suite and understated kitchen. We walked around thinking average. We walked around thinking simple. We assumed it was an easy to maintain, easygoing house. Until we got home. 2,000 square feet. Great if we want to lose the cat. Great if we want to never see our guests. Was it reallllly that big, we had to ask ourselves. The house on Watson seemed so so much bigger. Was it Watson’s walk-in closets (eight!) or the dining room so big you could go bowling in it? What made “our” house seem so small in comparison (but in actuality be almost 75 sq feet larger)? As first time home buyers, shouldn’t we be more baby in our steps? I wasn’t sure. The price seemed right and the location, fair. But, to be fair it’s really hard to see “pretty” in the pouring rain. Especially in the heart of November.

So, here we are. We told our realtor we want a second showing. Something to prove it really is that big. While we are there I’ll try to lose my husband in one of the bathrooms – because if I can do that, it’s too big.

4 Comments on “Unassuming Assumption”

  1. Ruth says:

    Good luck with the 2nd look. Seeing it in the pouring rain is probably the best thing you could do. You want to see it at its most drab moment, and if it still appeals to you in the rainy November drabness … well, that’s something you can work with for sure!

  2. gr4c5 says:

    I totally agree. I’m also holding onto the thought that the current owners aren’t into landscaping! >:P

  3. Ruth says:

    Our yard was pretty crummy when we moved in – brown grass, bald patches, odd shrubs in crazy places, etc. Plus, the crazy lady who lived there prior to us used to drive her car in the back yard in order to turn around at the end of the driveway. My lovely yard obsessed husband had our lawn looking the best in the neighborhood this past summer. As long as the yard has potential … and you don’t mind doing some yard work here and there … you’re good!

  4. gr4c5 says:

    you forgot to mention the crazy cherry tree you can’t get rid of! 🙂

    J & I were just talking about exactly what the yard (if you can call it that) is missing…maybe I’ll consult Dr. Ruth for some suggestions!

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