Angst in an Update

We heard back. Did we ever. This whole process reminds me of war. Something akin to a clunky medieval war with ineffectual weapons and a horrible lack of communication. You lob something at me. I stare at it as it smolders harmlessly at my feet. In return I chuck something back at you; something as equally harmless and ineffective. The whole process is teeth-grittingly, frustratingly unproductive. It all feels ridiculous and stupid. You want way too much for your house. $21,000 over what every other professional thinks it’s worth. As much as I love what you have to offer I’m not about to offer you that much. Not nearly. When it came down to this war of numbers I wanted to hurl something more dangerous at you, something with the bite of  “final offer” because really, it’s no big deal to me if we walk away. It aint no big thing. But, my knight in shining armor wants to storm the gates. Wants to see what you are made of, one tiny ineffective barb at a time.
So, we counter like kids – our offer coming through as a game of tin can telephone – hollow and sounding all wrong. And we wait for your tin can reply.

One Comment on “Angst in an Update”

  1. Ruth says:

    Negotiations are all part of the game. Some people love the negotiation process, but I’m with you on how it can feel war-like. Don’t forget – an inspection will give you some more bargaining chips usually. But you adn kisa just need to decide how far you want to go with the back and forth of it all. It is all so tedious and frustraing, but a necessary piece of the bigger picture. Hold you ground, know what you can/cannot do … and know that there is ALWAYS another house out there …

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