Compleat Angler

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler or, the Contemplative Man’s Recreation. Mount Vernon: Peter Pauper Press, 1947.

Considering this was first published in 1653 the language is fun to stumble over; full of ‘methinks,’ ‘thee,’ ’tis,’ that sort of thing. At first blush I would have said this is a nonfiction story of three gentlemen walking through the countryside bragging about their respective “hobbies.” One man is a falconer, all about the birds. Another man is a hunter, primed for the kill. The third man is, of course, the fisherman, the angler. It is this man we learn the most from (hence the title of the book). There is a great deal more to the story – an 17th century “how-to” on cooking, inn-keeping, religion, poetry and the like, but I got incredibly bored and gave up halfway through.
As a postscript, I did enjoy the illustrations by Boyd Hanna in my undated edition.

BookLust Twist: From More Book Lust in the chapter called “Gone Fishin'” (p 100). Of course.

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