Good-bye, Chunky Rice

Thompson, Craig. Good-Bye, Chunky Rice. Georgia: Top Shelf Productions, Inc., 2003.

First and foremost this is a graphic novel of indeterminate length (no, I didn’t count the unnumbered pages). Chunky Rice is a shy little turtle who likes Motown. Deciding he has had enough of his rooming house existence he sets out for an ocean adventure, leaving behind his good friend Dandel the deer mouse. Initially, while this comes across as a simple graphic novel about a few animals, conjoined twins and a sea captain with a horrible childhood, soon it becomes apparent that everyone in the plot has a profound story to tell; one of loss and love and desires. It’s sweet in a disturbed way.
There you have it. A short review for a short book.

Best “comic book square”: “On second thought, rather than gaining significance, my environment is suddenly drained of it.” I also liked how Chunky came alive when he heard Motown on the ship’s radio. His dancing was pretty cute.

Reason read: This book is all about love in the unconventional sense. I read it in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Author fact: Thompson worked on comic books before writing his own graphic novel. I think that seems obvious.

Book trivia: Good-Bye, Chunky Rice won the Harvey award.

BookLust Twist: From More Book Lust in the chapter called “Graphica” (p 104).

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