Other Wes Moore

Moore, Wes. The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates. New York: Spiegel & Grau, 2011.

The concept of this book is really quite simple: two kids of the same age with the exact same name grew up in the same city within blocks of one another but ended up having very different lives. Author Wes Moore went on to be a Rhodes Scholar while the other Wes Moore became a convicted felon. Why? Scholar Wes Moore decided to find out. He contacted the other Wes Moore, first through letters then prison visits. The result is a gut-wrenching memoir about coming of age fatherless in the crime-ridden streets of Baltimore.

Quotes that got me, “…I loved throwing my name up on a wall; it felt like splashing in the shallow end of the criminal pool” (p 80).

Reason read: I have no idea. Well, yes I do know why. My academic slipped it my way without explanation. I’m not involved in the reading group but I decided to read it anyway.

Author fact: In addition to everything else he has done, Wes Moore is also associated with the Oprah network.

Book trivia: Many institutions across the country (including mine) are tapping into Wes Moore’s story as a learning tool for first time students. Interesting.

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