Sacco, Joe. The Fixer. Quebec: Drawn & Quarterly, 2003.

Have you ever wondered how journalists get such up close and personal information about foreign affairs? How they get behind enemy lines to get the real scoop? This is the story of Neven, the sketchy Serbian “fixer” who, for a price, can be hired to take war correspondents behind the scenes. Joe Sacco befriends this fixer, Neven. Sacco tells his story in a short graphic “novella,” bouncing back and forth between the early 1990s and 2001 to bring to light the Balkan conflict. Neven helps Sacco paint a grim picture of the bloodthirsty warlords who ran the country and how the Bosnia government responded. Even though Neven was a mastermind at manipulating Sacco (and his wallet) they developed a friendship.

Best zingers, “Pussy is not soap” (p 8). True. “But you can’t drink bananas” (p 9). Again, true. “I must admit that I haven’t got a favorite hand-to-hand weapon” (p 33). Me neither.

Reason read: July is the best time to visit Bosnia…or not.

Author fact: Sacco is a pretty humble guy. This time, in The Fixer he makes himself out to be a meek journalist who can’t say no.

Book trivia: I could call this a graphic novella because it is a mere 106 pages.

BookLust Twist: from More Book Lust in the chapter called “Graphica” (p 104).

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