“Artie Glick in a Family Way”

Epstein, Joseph. “Artie Glick in a Family Way”. The Hudson Review. Winter 1998; 50; 4; p545.

Reason read: June is Short Story Month.

In a nutshell: This is about a man who, at at fifty-seven, finally grows some you-know-whats and becomes an adult. After growing up in the shadow of a difficult father only to have him die in surgery, Artie substitutes this father for a just as difficult therapist. Twice a week for fourteen years Dr. Lieberman has been milking Artie’s feelings of inadequacy; for Artie was never good enough for his dad. Let’s count the ways in his dad’s eyes: he doesn’t have business sense. He has already failed at marriage once. He has never started a family. It is only after Glick’s girlfriend announces she is pregnant does Artie finally realize he could have a much different life.

Author fact: Epstein won the National Humanities Medal in 2003.

Book trivia: Fabulous Small Jews also contains the short story, “The Executor” (also on my list).

Nancy said: nothing specific about “Artie”.

BookLust Twist: from More Book Lust in the obvious chapter called “Good Things Come in Small Packages” (p 102).

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