Lining It Up


(Now & Zen Yoga: photo by Chris Szarek)

Back when I was training for the LLS Alton Bay half I was striving for The Trinity: a good running plan, a good eating plan and a good yoga plan. I’m one of those nutty people that earnestly believes that all these things go together. Especially yoga and running – I’m convinced they go hand in hand. Think about it. Let’s take the run first. Some people say a good run is mind-clearing. Others say it’s a good chance to relax. Okay – so the “relax” factor might be stretching it in terms of physical, but think about it from the mental for just a sec. I don’t know about you, but when I run, there is a cadence to my breathing – one deep count in, two long counts out. Slow & steady with the mantra “must beat cancer” right behind it. There is a rhythm to my running that parallels my practice in yoga.

Now let’s move onto a good yoga session and how it relates to a good run. Tight hamstrings, tight hips, tight anything is bad, bad, bad for running so… what better way to stretch it all out than with a session of yoga? Go on any running site (take Runner’s World, for example). I bet there is an article or two (at the very least) about good stretching. The Y word might even be thrown around a little. I know for a fact Runner’s World has a video of three yoga moves designed to free the hips, loosen the quads and stretch the calves.

My point of all this preaching is not to get runners to become yogis or vise versa. My point is all about me, myself and moi, actually. I wanted to outwardly vent about lining it up – the yoga, the running & the eating well. Only now I’ve added a fourth component so I’ll have to rename the Trinity as the Fantastic Four: running, yoga, eating well and…Hello Mr. Bowflex – strength training!

4 thoughts on “Lining It Up”

  1. I love the quintet you’ve set up for yourself – sounds like a great combination to me! Stretch those tight hamstrings and hips and you will actually help to lengthen your stride. And every extra 1/2 inch starts to add up quickly when you are running miles, yes?

  2. Ha! The Fantastic Four! Love it!
    Yoga has been in my life in some form for 3 decades now. Even if it is just a few small moves a day. Walking had been in my life just as long. I don’t (can’t)run… but I do so love my walks. It is the best way to beat stress for me.
    Oh, I have always done some form of resistance or small weight lifting as well.
    Now… have to get back on track with the eating part.. thanks for the nudge!
    I have found that my upper back pain is from not keeping my hams stretched enough. Amazing and odd how it all is connected.
    I wish you luck with the Fantastic Four! They can be a tough gang 😉

  3. It is so amazing how everything is connected. I guess it just goes to show you that the whole body needs a little TLC. Because if one things goes….you get the point! lol

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