Scammed By Schenectady

course mapFor weeks now I have been trying to find more information on the upcoming run. Okay, I admit it. I really wanted to check out the course and scope out the hills. Yes, I’m afraid of hills. If you have knee problems then you know what going d-o-w-n hills can feel like. But, as time went on and I wasn’t finding the slightest bit of information I began to think I was being scammed. I actually started to believe I sent money in to a race/charity that didn’t exist. Despite claims that the run was sponsored by Amnesty International I couldn’t find anything on their site supporting that. I kept finding the same website that brought me to the run in the first place.

Then, just last night – two days before I am to make the trip to NY – I get a packet of information. Scammed by Schenectady not. Directions, check-in times, and that all-important course map. Of course, hills aren’t marked but at least now I know where I’m going. At first glance I thought we would be running through a cemetery. How cool would that be! I pictured Vale souls cheering me on from beyond the grave. I love the idea of ghosts and spirits by my side. I already have an angel and a few demons, why not have a whole party?

So, now my mind is at peace. I’m not thinking the worst of this run. Instead, I’m using it to free me from the crap that haunts me, the sh!t I need to leave behind. I’ll have Daoud Hari’s courage and determination to make me strong.
And just in case that doesn’t work I’m using music from BB’s Gasparilla run to kick my azz. Forget the African beat (for now). Setlist to follow…

6 Comments on “Scammed By Schenectady”

  1. chet says:

    Give the google maps pedometer a try It shows elevation changes between plotted points on your trip. Good luck. Have fun.

  2. becelisa says:

    i’m honored 🙂 you’re going to kick azz. wish i was running it with you — hills and all.

  3. gr4c5 says:

    Oh geeze Chet! Now I’m gonna be looking at that thing everytime I run! 😉 I still hate hills…

    Bec~ With everything (not) going on I needed something stronger than African folk songs sung by children. “Suddenly I See” is a must because yeah, suddenly i DO see! 😉

  4. jun29 says:

    GOOD LUCK!!! and HAVE FUN!!!

    you’re gonna be hating those hills just like everybody else. so, everytime you hurt on them hills, the guy next to you or in front of you, they hurt too just the same.

    relax. listen to your own breathing. be aware of your breath. really breath.

    it works for me so maybe this here might work for you too: up, shuffle (tiny steps). down – walk! you fake the knee and it’s the sawbone doctor for you:) after the race, throw your lower body into the tub filled with 10 bags of ice and water. brrrr…it’s also practical to jog or walk next am, short one, just to “shake it off”. protein.

    is this race in NY? “if i can make it there….”

  5. gr4c5 says:

    Jun29~ I would be sooooo afraid to run with you! You are one badazz!
    Thanks for the advice on the hills…sad to say no tub of ice for me after 😦 . I have a 2 hour drive home. That’s NY for ya. Should be great. *sigh*
    post race: protein and walk…got it. Post race post to follow…

  6. gr4c5 says:

    ps~ Forgot to add – love the new pic!

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