Spider Woman?


A month ago I developed a weird spot on my thigh. A nursing student took one look and said basal cell carcinoma. Freak Me. For a month I held denial’s hand and didn’t do anything about it. Nothing except stare at the spot and watch it mutate. I didn’t WebMD it, didn’t do anything. This river in Egypt ran deep. Finally I went to someone a little more professional. Someone with an actual degree and not just in training for one. She took one look and said arachnid. Whaa? Come again? Bug bite, possibly spider-ish. Maybe tick-ish. Either way I’m having a reaction to the saliva. I’m allergic to bug spit of all things.

Whatever. All I know is that Friday (after the bug appointment) I decided to hit the Gerbil cage. 45 minutes. 4.26 miles. Felt freakin’ great. My new tempo pace is 10.2. I can sing while moving that speed. Love it. Then, last night I decided to hit it again. Chicken thighs were in the smoker getting happy with the alder chips (can’t call it smoked chicken chili without the chips…) and I had the time for a sweet 20 minute run. At first I wanted to really kick it. See if I could get more than two miles in. But, my knee gently reminded me it hadn’t even been 24 hours since the 4.26…I’m supposed to “take a day” between runs, remember? Oh yeah. So, I decided to crank the incline and work on hills. Run slow…but UP-up-UP. Bottom line: 1.8 miles in 20 minutes. I’m happy with my energy. I’m in love with my knee. I’m feeling better than ever. Could it be the spider spit? Just call me spider woman!

5 Comments on “Spider Woman?”

  1. becelisa says:

    hey spider woman! pass some of that super hero positive energy my way. i’ve got a 5k this saturday that i’m determined to PR. lots of archnids in florida. maybe i should go on a spider hunt tonight 🙂 oh and by the way, i’m doing it to myself again .. brandon half marathon in december. yes, i am a gluton for punishment!

  2. gr4c5 says:

    My gawd woman! Somehow I don’t think you need to find any spiders! You’ll do just fine! Let me know how that 5k turns out. Is youKnowWho running? 8)

  3. becelisa says:

    no! i have kept this one hush hush. just me and about 1,000 other runners so i can enjoy the solitude.

  4. timeforme says:

    So THIS is the secret huh? Glad you are feeling better. Nothin’ like Spidey Senses! 8) I do hope the swelling and ick has gone down some.
    Congrats on the great time you are making! You are amazing!

  5. gr4c5 says:

    Bec~ Get in that zone & you’ll run forever. Good luck!

    time~ The swelling and ick have gone away but doc thinks I’ll have a scar. Phooey! Thanks for cheering me on. I need it! 8)

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