Your Twenty-Two

Hello my friend. I would like to bombard you with the number twenty-two. That is my wish for you. I would make you embrace it as your own. Twenty plus two. Think of it this way: Twenty-two is your magic number. It holds the key to letting go. It’s the permission to move on (not that no one needs to give you premission…except yourself). I am tempted to call you on every twentieth day and say (with authority, of course), “let one slide, let one slide…” I could send you a bottle of cheap azz tequila, make you have a shot – one for each hand – then, one for me, too. After that, maybe then you could let one slide.

One down, five to go.

Think of them as demons:

2 Comments on “Your Twenty-Two”

  1. AndrewZrx says:

    I loved being 22. It was the best I ever was.

  2. gr4c5 says:

    “…the best I ever was.” Hmmm…my response to that is Maybe, just maybe, the best is YET to be.

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